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About Us

We're here to enable Jews of any background to learn more about their heritage through the timeless values and lessons of the Torah

The Jacksonville Kollel is the hub of Jewish learning in Jacksonville, Florida.   Jews from all walks of life gather together and explore their Judaism in a laid back and comfortable environment. Regardless of your background or affiliation, this is the place to come to take an extra step in your Jewish journey.  We're glad you're here!

We encourage you to browse through our website and to take advantage of any of our programs, events, and classes which pique your interest!

Not sure where to start? Not sure which program is right for you? 

We recommend meeting a Rabbi to discuss how to personalize your Kollel experience. Get to know one of our friendly Rabbis and he can help you customize your Kollel involvement to make sure it's in line with your interests, beliefs, and schedule.  Click here to fill out our form, and be sure to select "Meet A Rabbi"

Rabbi Sammy Kahn

 Rabbi Sammy Kahn is originally from Chicago where he studied in Hebrew Theological College for the past 6 years. While in Chicago, he co-authored a book discussing the laws of carrying on Shabbos. Prior to that, he studied at Yeshivat Shaalvim in Israel and Yeshiva University in New York. He has a degree in accounting, passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam, and is a certified shochet for fowl

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Rabbi Menashe Uhr

Rabbi Menashe Uhr, originally from New York, has lived in Jerusalem for the last five years. He completed his Rabbinic training at the Ner Le’elef Institute for Community Leadership and Jewish Education. While living in Israel, he taught at Yeshiva Ohr Sameach and led Israel summer trip programs for American students from various backgrounds. His passion for teaching Torah, combined with his love for travel, has led him to gain valuable teaching experience in various cities in the U.S. - from Aventura Lakes, FL to Sacramento, CA.

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Tzvi Katz

Rabbi Menachem Tzvi Katz, originally from Monsey, is moving from Providence, RI, where he worked for Project Shoresh, a local Jewish outreach organization. He was exceptional in forging relationships through social connections and meaningful Jewish learning. Rabbi Katz will serve as the Director of Operations and oversee all the logistics and planning for the Kollel.

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Rabbi Moshe Sanders

Rabbi Moshe Sanders, originally from Baltimore, spent the last two years in Providence, RI, to work for Project Shoresh, a local Jewish Outreach organization, where Moshe also served as the acting Rabbi at Congregation Ohave Shalom in Pawtucket, RI. Previously, he spent nearly a decade in Ohr Sameach of Jerusalem, serving in many capacities as he developed meaningful relationships with many students. Rabbi Sanders enjoys studying Torah with others at all levels and hiking, biking, and outdoors.

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Mrs. Freda Sanders

Freda Sanders, originally from Atlanta, completed her graduate studies in Education/Special Education at Georgia State University while beginning her teaching career. After marrying her husband, Moshe, they lived in Jerusalem for nine years, where they were involved in various forms of Jewish education at many different levels and where their two children, Tziporah and Nochum Shalom were born. Freda has taught for over 15 years and has worked with every age level, from preschool to grandparents. She is passionate about Jewish education and enabling others to explore the gift of Judaism. Freda will be the director for the JFE (Jewish Family Experience) and help expand the growing influence of Aishet in our community.

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Rachelli Fisch

Born in Jerusalem, Rachelli moved with her family to Jacksonville at 3 years old. Rachelli attended Temima High School for girls in Atlanta, Georgia where she received a strong Torah education. Following high school, she spent a year studying in Jerusalem at Keser Chaya Seminary. Currently, Rachelli is enrolled at the University of North Florida, studying for her Bachelors of Science in nursing (BSN). Rachelli is committed to creating a space for Jacksonville Jewish women to connect with each other, their heritage, and the Torah’s timeless lessons, in meaningful and creative ways.

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