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Vibrant Jewish Community

Vibrant Jewish Community                                                    

Click the links below to watch documentary films about Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville, Florida lets you enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine combined with a close-knit Jewish community.  Located just south of the Georgia border, Jacksonville is nicknamed the “Gateway to the Sunshine state.” The area is also known as the ‘First Coast’, harkening back to the first settlers in Florida.  As the largest city geographically speaking in the continental United States, Jacksonville has the advantages of a vibrant metro area complemented with small-town charm, set against a backdrop of beautiful environment and exceptional climate.  Jacksonville has a small but vibrant Jewish community dating back to the late nineteenth century; and the larger Jewish population numbers approximately 13,000.  The region is noted for its relaxed, friendly atmosphere that supports a great quality of life.  The overall cost of living in Jacksonville is one of the lowest in Florida’s five metro areas due to very affordable housing, low property taxes and the absence of state income tax.  More than 80 national and international companies maintain corporate or regional headquarters in Jacksonville.  There are a number of employment opportunities in the growing health care, manufacturing, communications technology and finance sectors.


Jacksonville also has the infrastructure in place that supports a Torah lifestyle: a thriving shul, mikvah, chevra kadisha with a Jewish cemetery, kosher food, ample shopping, a Torah day school, a girls' high school, and, or course, our vibrant Community Kollel.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing                                                                        

Jacksonville offers affordable housing in the Eruv to fit any budget. You can purchase a starter town home for less than $130,000 or find a luxury waterfront dream home for $1,000,000. The average 3-4 bedroom home sells starts at around $300,000 and can include a pool, back yard and a 2 car garage. These affordable and inviting homes are all walking distance to the local shuls.


When you move to Jacksonville, Florida, you'll find beautiful, yet affordable housing with low property taxes, spacious yards in a very safe and quiet neighborhood and so much more.

Jacksonville is a modern city with minimal traffic and ample activities for growing families. In fact, the city has something for everyone: local beaches, cultural activities, parks, and much more!!


There are several apartments for rent ranging from $1,000 (approx.) for a one bedroom and $1400 (approx.) for a three bedroom.  There are two apartment complexes within the EruvPickwick and Hunters Way. These apartment complexes offer full use of an outdoor pool, exercise room and playground.

Map of Eruv

Eruv / Zmanim / Weather (Jacksonville)                     

Map of Jacksonville Eruv

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunity                                                        

Forbes Ranks Jacksonville As The #2 City In The Nation With The Most Vibrant Employment Scene.
We have more Fortune 1000 company headquarters here than any other city in Florida.

The Jewish Community in Jacksonville looks forward to introducing you to the market, so you can find the right job.

Health Care
There are several large health care systems based in the area including Mayo ClinicSt. VincentsUniversity of Florida Health and Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital.  The city is a promising place for residents coming out of medical school who are looking for an opportunity to start their career in a location where a young physician can start their successful medical career. Nemours, St. Vincents was named to be listed as 150 great places to work in health care.

Insurance & Finance

The insurance and financial industries have a major presence in Jacksonville providing a multitude of employment opportunities for people to grow in this field.  Some of the most notable agencies are:

• Citi
• JP Morgan
• Wells Fargo

• Florida Blue (div. of BCBS)

• Chase
• Everbank

• Prudential

• Deutsche Bank
• Bank of America™ - Merrill Lynch

• Aetna 

Jacksonville is also the home to corporate headquarters of several major companies, including Winn Dixie™,
CSX Inter Modal™Lender Processing Services™™, IndeedTaleo, and McKesson. Many companies, including Fidelity National Financial™Landstar™ and PSS World Medical™ host job fairs frequently to fill open positions with the right career-minded individuals--and that could be you!



Jacksonville is the home to two major military bases, Mayport Naval Station and Jacksonville Naval Air Station. These bases provide employment for not only our military, but thousands of civilians as well.

Other Employment Sectors
The city government, including the public school system and sheriff's office, employs more than 27,000 people.

Contact us to learn more about current employment opportunities in and around Jacksonville. 

Quality of Life

Quality of Life                                                                                       

Jacksonville, Florida, lets you enjoy the warmth of the Florida sunshine combined with a close-knit Jewish community. Located just south of the Georgia border, Jacksonville is nicknamed the gateway to the sunshine state, and it's true!














Kosher in Jacksonville                                                                 

remember to check every product for a kosher symbol!

winn dixie.PNG

Large Kosher aisle, excellent selection of Kosher dairy and meat options, both fresh and frozen. 

publix logo.PNG

Modest Kosher aisle, small selection of Kosher cheese and deli, frozen chicken and pre-packaged meals. 

Trader joes


Fresh Kosher chicken, packaged bakery goods.

trader joes_edited.jpg

Fresh Kosher bakery, chicken, bulk items

(Club Membership required)


Certified by gesher-k

Kosher meat restaurant with lunch and dinner menu, as well as vegan options. 

Small & large event catering for all occasions 

Mandarin location only

dairy products are not chalav yisroel

Ice cream store with outdoor seating


Mandarin location only

NOT pas yisroel, dairy products are not chalav yisroel


Thinking about moving to Jacksonville?

Thinking about moving to Jacksonville?                    

Whether it's the beautiful climate, low cost of living, or warm and friendly Jewish community which is calling your name, we can help! We pride ourselves in our 'southern hospitality' and  we are here to help you every step of the way. Our welcome team can help provide you with any information you need, answer your questions, connect you

with the right people to help you find housing, employment, schooling, a synagogue, or anything else! 

Call/text/WhatsApp Menashe Uhr to learn more: 347-628-1923, or email

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