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The eternal Jewish soul lives on.

When the Neshama, the soul of a Jew, passes on from this world, it begins the next stage of it's journey in the World to Come. Although one can no longer do Mitzvos in the next world, the actions of the departed soul's living descendants and friends can play an important part in ensuring the best for their loved one by doing Mitzvos in the merit of the deceased.
The Kollel offers to help facilitate  these actions.
Check out our options below to find the best one(s) for you.

Kaddish service

Arrange for a Rabbi to say Kaddish in Synogogue, 3 times a day for the entire first year after death.

Mishna Study

Harness the power of Torah study by studying the Mishna in memory of your loved one with a Rabbi at the Kollel. 

Day of learning

Sponsor a day of Torah study at the Kollel, and the merits of the Torah learned will be attributed to your loved one. 

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