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Shabbat Dinners


Kollel Shabbat Dinners are the perfect blend of delicious and inspiring! The evening begins before sundown with a lively and inspirational Lecha Dodi and evening services. The woman can light candles and then we jump right into our 4 course feast, catered by our very own Kollel Rebbitzens. With dozens of local Jews from a wide variety of backgrounds and affiliations, the Kollel's Shabbat dinners are an excellent place to make new friends and get to know your neighbors you may have never known about:-)  

Shabbat dinners take place approximately once a month.

View our calendar for the next Shabbat dinner, or contact us to request   to be notified about future Shabbat dinners, ask a question, or request an invitation to a Rabbi's home Shabbat meal.

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